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We've made many changes here at House Docs recently and it's been a busy and exciting time. 
We're very happy to welcome Brent Wren to our staff of professionals.  He is NFI certified to deal with your fireplace and chimeny needs, and is also well versed in electrical and general building maintenance & renovation.
We've also added CorrectDeck to our fine line of products we represent.  This is simply the best value in composite deck & railing available on the market today.  It's warrantied for 25 yrs!!  Check out their website at
Also we have acquired our own domain name and we will soon have a permanent place on the net at Many thanks to Nathan Wingate of for all of your help in this process.  Nate has some fantastic sites of his own, homeowners be sure to check out for all you diyer questions on home repair and construction.   Contractors, you will find is one of the finest resources you have at your disposal.  Log-on and talk with contractors from all over the country & beyond on issues pertaining to our industry.  If you own and operate a business, is a great resource on getting started and running a successful business. Stop by any or all of the links above, I highly recommend them!
Be sure for our new site coming soon to and thanks for stopping in!
We are currently looking to add professionals to our team.  If you are knowledgable in carpentry, roofing, siding, paint, or drywall work give us a call or send us an e-mail.  We'd love to speak with you about possibly joining our team of quality oriented professionals!
Jim Drewery,